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CBA Christian Bauer & Associés Architectes

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CBA Christian Bauer & Associés Architectes


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This housing project sets new standards in terms of design, innovation and functionality. Located in an area with mostly single-family housing character and surrounded by an urban density of residential housing this building intermediates between existing and new built structures. The main problem of the area is, that the scale of existing houses and new buildings are in conflict with each other.
“The Epic” is characterised by its villa aspect although it is housing 9 apartments of different sizes, all with private terrace or garden. Through articulated volumes and differentiated window openings, the building gives the image of a house and not a residential building.
The refinement of the architecture shows especially in the outer skin, from the detail of the window to the materiality of the brick. Here again, the scale has been refined by the texture and colour of the tile in thin format. The result is an irregular image in the close-up view of the façade surface, which is homogeneous and monolithic in its entirety from a distance.
The design of the vegetation for outdoor installations is integrated into the design of the facade and roof terraces, thus linking architecture and nature.