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Bruck + Weckerle Architekten


Architecture non résidentielle



Edition du LAA



Bruck + Weckerle Architekten


Ney & Partners s.à.r.l.
Jean Schmit Engineering Sàrl

Maître d'ouvrage

Ville de Luxembourg

Année de fin


Localisation (ville)



The school building consists of a simple L-shaped construction forming a corner structure between the road and a pedestrian path.

The composition with numerous shallow-angled corners, breaks up the linear scale, in relation to the viewing angle, and embeds it harmoniously within its urban context.

With the step-wise gradation of the building towards the school courtyard, the balance in relation to small children and of the neighbouring single family dwellings occurs naturally.

A freestanding “stairwell tower” brings the children up to the floor and to their classrooms in a playful way. Around the stairwell, there is recreational space available to all.

The corridors with their seating areas, designed for varied use, function as play “streets”.

The ventilation vents are covered by screens perforated with figures and drawings, designed by the artist Stina Fisch. This ornamentation, identifying the building visually as a school, enables the children to recognise their own classroom from the street.

The exposed concrete ceilings absorb the heat generated in the areas by people, computers, lights, sun and other heat sources. Overnight, cooler air entering through the air vents draws the heat away.

The brick façade with its nuanced tones and the irregular surfaces of the individual bricks give a constantly changing and unpredictable play of light and shade over the façade. They invite little fingers to explore the surface, to experience the sun’s warmth.