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CBA Christian Bauer & Associés Architectes


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Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures / Administration des ponts et chaussées

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The Luxembourg Adolphe Bridge in the heart of the city centre is protected by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site. The bridge, which has been in use since 1903, needed significant renovation as part of the infrastructure development in Luxembourg. The bridge deck was enlarged by 1.50 m to a total width of 18.70 m to add two tracks for the new tramway. Despite this widening, it was not possible to integrate the necessary bicycle lanes. However, in order to extend the urban cycle path network, a new bicycle bridge was added between the arches of the historic Adolphe Bridge. The project consists of a lightweight metal structure suspended from the reinforced concrete ceiling of the bridge above. Over a length of 154m, this filigree construction hangs “in the air” and opens up views of the city and the Petrus Valley through the arches of the bridge piers. The thickness of the steel deck was reduced to a minimum and the suspensions are designed in such a way that they almost disappear visually. Like this the new element of the bicycle bridge, with its filigree construction as a fine horizontal line, respectfully fits into the whole image of the historic bridge and gives the ensemble a touch of contemporary freshness.